• Call for Applicants!

    Call for Applicants

    Apply to Serve on the AMTA National Board of Directors by September 15th.  Learn more here.

  • Virtual Chapter Volunteer Events

    Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program (CVOP)
    11am to 2pm CT

    CVOP Designees* will be invited to attend

    Chapter Presidents Council (CPC) Meeting
    1:30 to 3:30pm CT

    Chapter Presidents or their Designees will be invited to attend

    Chapter Leadership Training
    11am to 1pm CT

    All Chapter Volunteers will be invited to attend

    Assembly of Delegates (AOD) Meeting
    1 to 3:30pm CT

    Delegates and observers will be invited to attend
  • Bylaws and Policy Update

    Greetings Chapter Board Members

    AMTA National Board of Directors has approved amendments to bylaws and policy through emergency provisions set forth in Delaware Law. These temporary changes allow AMTA chapters to conduct their annual spring meetings online instead of in-person. Chapter elections may also be conducted in this manner (if applicable).

    The chapter relations team will work with all chapters on plans to conduct your virtual annual meetings and elections.

    Bylaws and the policy manual have been updated to reflect the approved changes and have been uploaded to the Hub: 


    Bylaws amendments have been made to the following sections that pertain to chapters:

    Article X. Councils                           
    Section 2. Assembly of Delegates (Assembly of AOD)

    Article XV. Chapters                       
    Section 5. Chapter Board

    1. Installation
    2. Chapter Board Meetings

    Section 6. Chapter Meetings

    A.3 General Rules

    1 Annual Meeting

    Section 7. A-C  Elections

    Section 11. Bylaws and Standing Rules

    1. 1, 3 & 4

    2. A Change Summary sheet is located at the beginning of the policy manual that identifies the sections of policy that were changed. Those pertaining mostly to chapters are as follows:

    A Change Summary sheet is located at the beginning of the policy manual that identifies the sections of policy that were changed. Those pertaining mostly to chapters are as follows:

    Assembly of Delegates:  Sections I thru IV

    Chapter Presidents Council:  Section I.

    Chapters:  Sections IX, X, XV, XVI, XVIII

    We encourage you to review these sections as well as the other changes identified in the summary sheet and become familiar with the new policies. Also, please be sure to share these changes with your committee chairs and other volunteers they may impact.

    Please contact if you have any questions.


  • New Speaker Contracts Now Available!

    A new baseline contract for speaker/instructors, as well a new addendum for hotels/venues are now available in the Chapter Contracts and Workflow community library. The substance of the Speaker contract includes changes to:
    1. Speaker permissions: we’ve updated and clarified the language so that it is clear we are not taking the speaker’s materials but need to be able to display or make handouts of what they give us
    2. Calculating numbers of TAs: this confused several people so I’ve added some clarifying language
    3. NCBTMB-related provisions
      1. Certificates: clarified the speaker has to send them, not the chapter
      2. AP numbers: if speaker lists an AP number, they’re representing they have approval for that class and that they meet NCB’s requirements
      3. Payment: payment won’t be made until after certificates are received
    4. Other clarifying changes:  In pdf fillable form only
  • Reminder! Nominations Due Soon!

    Nominations Open: AMTA 2020 National, Chapter and Educator Awards

    It's awards season! Nominations are open for AMTA national, chapter and massage educator awards. Now is your chance to honor someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession. Don't delay - the deadline is April 1. 




  • January Member Reports

    Hello!  Your chapter's January member reports are now available in your chapter community library. Let us know if you have any questions:
  • Massage Warehouse Items on Their Way!!

    Next week, Massage Warehouse plans to ship boxes of the giveaway items to chapters with annual meetings in January & February (and maybe some March meetings too).  

    If your chapter is holding its annual meeting early in the season, expect to receive your Massage Warehouse items to the address you provided on the form your chapter submitted by mid-January.  

    Please contact if you have not received your items, and please alert the the recipient to be on the lookout. Massage Warehouse primarily uses UPS to ship, but shippers can vary.  

  • Hub Access for Elections Coordinators

    If your chapter submitted the name of your Online Elections Coordinator/Commission on Candidacy Chair, they have are now on your chapter's roster and should have access to the Elections documents/Governance Library by Thursday, Dec. 12. 

    We plan to email them and presidents to make sure they understand the steps and process and offer them a conference call to discuss if they would like.  

    If your chapter has not yet appointed an elections coordinator, please do so at least 2 months prior to your annual meeting, and email with the roster change. 

    Thank you!