• Hub Access for Elections Coordinators

    If your chapter submitted the name of your Online Elections Coordinator/Commission on Candidacy Chair, they have are now on your chapter's roster and should have access to the Elections documents/Governance Library by Thursday, Dec. 12.  We plan to ... More

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    We do, permissions is a hot mess...whoever sets up initially needs to be careful regarding permissions and invitation to collaborate. ------------------------------ Lance Johnson Financial Administrator AMTA Hawaii Chapter Ewa Beach HI 808-356-9400 ...

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    Hi Caren - I'll send you what you're requesting in a little bit. ------------------------------ Laura Sabransky Chapter Relations Program Manager American Massage Therapy Association Evanston IL (877)905-2700 (169) ------------------------------

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    Hello - Can someone guide me to the place on the HUB where I can find a current verison of a Blank AMTA Logo PowerPoint page.  I need to prepare a presentation for our Lobbiest and would like to to look sharp.  James Specker would like us to use the ...