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I am a hard worker with a family I try to juggle daily. I don't think I will ever master it, but ultimately my family comes first. I love being a massage therapist and I feel like I am not ever "working" when in session. I believe doing bodywork is an honor and wonderful way to facilitate healing. I have a few hobbies. I love music! I perform on stage with Cutler Brother's Productions here in Deer Lodge. I love to perform in musicals. I am also recently a vocalist in a local rock band called Seventh Passing. No gigs yet as I am learning the music. I am one of the youngest members of the band and enjoy my band mates and their talents. My daughters and husband sometimes participate in the shows. I enjoy those family moments. My family and I have a history of being volunteer interpreters with the Living History program for eight years. We loved educating the public on History here in Montana. So this is just a little about me.